In every election, the majority of eligible voters in India use their votes effectively. But there are also large numbers of people in India who do not wish to vote, despite the fact that voting is very much like a job for everyone. In this blog, we show the statistics of overall India electors vs India votes polled, the reasons for this, and a special offer if you are a true netizen and want to cast your vote in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

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Gowtham Chand M

Gowtham Chand M

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It appears that the youngest eligible voters in India, those who recently turned 18 or 19, are not showing much enthusiasm to participate in the upcoming election. According to The Times of India, the voter registration rate for this age group is less than 40% across the country, with certain states such as Bihar, Delhi, and UP having less than a quarter of young voters registered.

Indian general election Charts

Source: Wikipedia Research, Indian general election 2009-2019

Considering the above graph, in India, according to 2009 data, overall voters were 71,69,85.101, and votes polled were 41,73,57,674, which is only nearly 58% of people who utilized their votes. In 2014, the total number of Indian electors was 834082814, and the votes polled were just 554175255, indicating that many people didn’t cast their votes. According to a recent election survey, there were 911950734 electors overall and 614684398 votes polled in 2019, which is not even close to 68%. This year, voter turnout dipped during Phase 1 and Phase 2, as well.

As per the live mint, the poll panel reported that the final turnout for the first phase on April 19 was 66.14%, representing a marginal decline of 4% points compared to the corresponding period in 2019. In the second phase, the final turnout was 66.71%—a drop of about three percentage points from 2019. Assam recorded the highest voter turnout in the third phase at 81.61%, while Uttar Pradesh recorded the lowest at 57.34%.

5 Common Reasons why many people don’t vote:

Want to know why people don’t vote? Researchers have been examining this trend for years, conducting extensive surveys. Below are the five key reasons they offer to explain why many people do not show up at the polls.

1. Lack of a sense of connection with political system:

When it comes to voting, a significant number of young people do not have the perception that they are a part of the decision-making process. They are under the impression that their vote will not make a difference, particularly when they observe a great deal of corruption and other issues inside the political system.

2. Lack of Understanding:

Because of a lack of appropriate understanding, some people do not have adequate knowledge about voting, including its time, methods, and eligibility requirements.

3. Trouble with Understanding Politics:

The political system can be difficult to comprehend because there are several levels of government, and elections take place on a regular basis. It might be challenging for some individuals to keep up with everything, which can result in a decreased interest in voting on their part.

4. Politics and Religion Coming Together:

There are times when politics and religion come together, which can make things more complicated. As a result, people may have feelings of dissuasion.

5. Disbelief in the Nominated Party Candidate:

People who are less trusting of their fellow nominated candidates and less trusting of government officials to do the right thing are less likely to vote. If you perceive your fellow nominated leaders and government officials as self-serving and lacking moral integrity, you may view voting as pointless.

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My Vote- My Right:

Educate to ensure equal opportunity. It is important to make it clear to everyone that their vote carries significance. Irrespective of its apparent significance, each vote holds value and contributes to the decision-making process about the future of our nation.

“Reviving Voter Excitement” Providing widespread awareness of the importance of voting and guidance on the process of casting a ballot will contribute to increasing citizen engagement.

We can do this by promoting voting, interacting with communities, and making sure everyone knows their part in state and national choices.

As we prepare for the 2024 elections in india, let’s come together to make voting something that everyone looks forward to. More people voting strengthens our democracy and amplifies everyone’s voice.

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In conclusion, every Indian citizen should utilize their vote by sparing their holiday time in the polling booth rather than considering it a casual holiday. Use your right to vote responsibly as a true Indian, and you can also take advantage of this free 50 GB of cloud storage space exclusive offer.

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